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  • James McPartland

Script Writing


"We write the daily script that reinforces our beliefs, frames each situation, molds our mindset, profiles the people, and paints the environmental canvas that we operate in. The feature film that we star in is our script showing up on the big screen of life."

James McPartland

Our power is a thing of wonder, yet many of us never come to realize our full potential. We are shaped by the beliefs of those who have helped us to emerge from childhood to adulthood, and it is quite normal to adopt much of the script writing skills of those who we were most influenced by. Further, as our acquired beliefs become our everyday behaviors, we memorize a way being and ingrain a consistent set of habits. Given this repetition over the course of twenty to thirty years, we can see a gap emerge between who we are and who we wind up being.

The good news here is that we can alter the script and rewrite our future. The first step is awareness., the mechanism that can lead us to a new destination. The system that got you here - can get you there. Like pouring ingredients into a blender, it's simply a matter of being deliberate about what you put into the blender. We get out what we put in. Think about what you think about, choose your words carefully and speak of possibility, see criticism as a "to do" list for growth, focus on what you do want, give people what you are seeking, practice gratitude, and ask for help.

Finally, honor your word. A game changer in the game of life is when we train ourselves to do exactly what it is that we say we will do. If you meet that commitment first and foremost to yourself, your life may never be the same.

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