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"Sometimes a misstep is the most important step along the path of our dreams."

James K. McPartland

Most everyone would agree that the greatest of lessons we learn very often come from our setbacks, yet most of us work hard to avoid making mistakes. If at the end of the day we are all seeking to advance toward meaning and a life well lived, the best we can hope for is progress.

A day is our life in miniature form, and our days become weeks, weeks become months, and our months become years. Thus how we live our day is ultimately how we live our life. Stepping into the future of our dreams requires courage, it is uncharted territory. Having never been in that space before, we have little to draw upon to make sound choices.

Mistakes are inevitable. It may very well be that a misstep puts us on a course that ultimately serves us better, a route we would never have seen had we expended the energy to proceed cautiously along the safe road.

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