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  • James McPartland

What's Your Story?

"The most powerful story you will ever tell about yourself is the story you tell to yourself."

James McPartland

Our story is the narrative we create and repeat to ourselves and others on a daily basis, and it forms the only reality we will ever know in our life.

Our stories may or may not conform to the real world, however, they illuminate the path we travel on, thus bringing them to life.

Our destiny follows our stories. Your life is your story. Your story is your life.

Telling ourselves stories helps us navigate our way through life because they provide structure and direction. They allow us to create a justifiable explanation for why things happen. And, since we act in accordance with our internal narrative, it is imperative that we get our stories right.

For most of us, myself included, that means serious editing at regular intervals.

To edit a disempowering story, you have to first identify it. To do that, you must answer the question: “In which key areas of my life is it clear that I will be unable to achieve my goals with the story I am currently telling myself?” It is only after confronting and answering this question that you can generate a story that will take you where you want to go.

Identifying my faulty storytelling was like putting a key into a lock… It opened me up to see that I had held onto unscrutinized erroneous narratives, struggling to establish comfort in the discomfort of these all too familiar stories.

When I am asked how I recognize when my story is not serving me, I share an occurrence that I refer to as "identity theft". It is at this moment that I realize that I have let someone else's limiting belief become my limiting belief. I have made their view more important than my own and how they see me more important than how I see myself. I know that when I place another person’s view above my own, I elevate them and subsequently diminish myself.

We can only see as far as our stories will take us, and we will only act in a way that has our story back to us.

Tell yourself the right story - the rightness that only you can determine and only you can feel.

If you are living the story you want, it won't be an ordinary one. In fact, it can be extraordinary. After all, you are not just the author of the story but also its main character, the hero. And heroes are never ordinary.

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