• James McPartland

Access Point: Be the Inspiration You Want to Experience

"You have a responsibility to be great. Do your best work, and inspiration will arrive."

- James McPartland

Too many of us are depending solely on the act of looking outside of ourselves to be inspired. We wait for that ideal moment to make a call, start that new business, or begin to write the book we’ve been mulling over.

There is enormous power in starting. Our job is not to get important things perfect, only to get them going-- to be a virtuoso, not a victim in life. Don’t wait to be inspired to do your best work. Do your best work, and inspiration will arrive.

The achievement of greatness and the access of genius requires us to invest significant resources in the person we have the potential to become. To create the magic we want to see in our relationships, we must strategically allocate the time and energy we need to develop ourselves and build the life experiences we alone hold the power to design.

Stop waiting for the inspiration you already possess. You simply need to act now to unlock it.

James McPartland

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James McPartland | Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Coach