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  • James McPartland

Are You Settling or Striving?

"Without a plan, and intentional, striving effort, we must learn to settle for whatever we get."

— James McPartland

While most things in life do not proceed as we plan, they definitely not go anywhere without one.

Unless we take measurable action for our plan, we must accept the result of our efforts (or lack thereof). Much like the misunderstanding in the law of attraction illustrates, if we sit on the couch and only think about what we want in life, someone will come and take the couch and all of our other furniture away. A simple formula for success lies in the until principle: We must continue, push on, act, rebound, and persevere with resilience toward our intended result, and this commitment propels us forward until we achieve what we are pursuing. While what we get in life might be important, who we are becoming is far more important, as it is a result that can never be taken from us.

So set a plan in place that puts you on a striving path toward becoming that future self you envision. Then don't settle for anything less. Don't stop becoming that future version of YOU... until... well, just don't stop :)


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