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  • James McPartland

Are You Using Your Greatest Superpower?

"Courage is the superpower living within each of us. We just have to be courageous enough to use it." — James McPartland
Access Point: A Leader Builds People| Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

What is the ultimate superpower?

Super strength? Flying? Teleportation? While all these sound like the beginning of a great action movie, what use would our favorite superhero be if it not for the most underrated superpower of all, courage?

Not to be confused with confidence. Confidence comes from doing something in the past and being rewarded for it, so when it is happening again you have the knowledge (or confidence) you can do it again with a strong belief the outcome will be positive.

On the other hand, courage is testing a new set of behaviors often in new environments. It doesn’t feel good when we must be courageous.

Let’s say we are watching the newest Avenger movie. The beginning of the movie always shows a quick battle scene in which the avengers confidently take down their opponent. They aren’t scared or frightened. Now fast forward to the end of the movie, the big showdown that we’ve all been anticipating. This battle shows us the odds are stacked against our hero, and our confident Avenger goes into it hesitantly and with fear. That is when we see courage.

Courage might not feel good, but it always helps us grow. It helps us cultivate new relationships and engage in new life experiences. Courage is a key to living a life where each of us could become fully self-expressed.

The more we exercise this superpower of courage, there sooner we will become that ideal future self and teach the courage to far many more people along the way.



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