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  • James McPartland

It's time for PRACTICE!

"Forget about the how. Start with your WHY." -James McPartland

Access Point: Courageous Conversations | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

In my work as a coach, people often get discouraged when I raise the topic of goals because they don’t know HOW to get to where they want to go.

So I tell them: "Forget about the how! Start with your WHY-- that will give you the staying power to propel you forward.

Here's an 8-step P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. approach I've coached hundreds of executives with to uncover their WHY and get after their goals:

P - Process

You've got to develop and keep one! Block out time in your calendar, regularly check your progress, and pivot when needed.

R - Risk

Before you start, count the cost. Get clear on what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve this goal.

A - Associations

What positive outcomes can you associate this goal with? Will you gain more confidence, earn more money, or spend more time with family?

C - Communication

What internal voices are you listening to? How are you speaking to yourself or others? Words hold the power to build up or tear down. Be careful with them.

T - Think

Actively work to shift your mindset to one that propels you forward. Work to identify what "I am" statements might be holding you back.

I - Information

Gather it, organize it, and analyze it. You can always learn from others going after something similar.

C - Consequences

Set deadlines, celebrate when you meet them, and establish a consequence for when you don’t.

And last but maybe most important...

E - Enrollment

Don't go it alone! Enroll people you trust to provide you with feedback and accountability as you get after your goals.

Now go PRACTICE and achieve those goals you’ve been dreaming about!

Try that and tune in for more...



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