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  • James McPartland

It's time to master the mundane....

"Setting a goal isn't nearly as important as mastering the habits that will bring them to life."-James McPartland

Access Point: Courageous Conversations | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

I want you to think of your biggest, most out-of-reach goal in life and then know this: The key to attaining it is not a secret - and it's not out of reach.

It's simply this: Master the mundane by utilizing the power of HABIT development.

See, setting a goal isn't nearly as important as mastering the habits that will bring them to life.

Maybe you're thinking, “I know this stuff already!”

We all KNOW these things -- but often we have an unrealistic expectation that change will happen in much less time than the consistent effort required. And when it doesn't, we lose momentum and motivation.

Ditch the unrealistic expectations and do this instead:

1. Define the goal you are pursuing and WHY it's important. Without a WHY, you'll lack the sustaining power to follow through.

2.) List the habits you'll need to build upon to get there. Can you “stack” – or “link” – these new habits to any existing behaviors? Do that, and you'll increase your follow-through even more.

3.) Set milestones to celebrate the small wins, and have a "springback" plan for when you get off track. Put a guardrail in place -- and watch out for old behaviors that sneak back in. Our default mode is what's comfortable for us, so just have a plan in place for getting back on track when this happens.

4.) Reduce your options, avoid distractions, and set your environment up to win: Avoid people who do not support you, and any temptations to say "yes" to distraction. Be clear on why you need to say "no".

So if you're getting after a goal- focus on developing new habits and then BE CONSISTENT in your execution. That's what's going to get you the results you desire.

Try that and tune in next week on this No Straight Lines series for more...

Mac 😎


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