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  • James McPartland

Lessons From “Failing”

In my work I am frequently asked about failure: how to cope with it, how to realize that it may be inevitable, and how to address the stigma that is often attached to it. My reply is based on my own personal experience – my own setbacks. The lessons do not come to us when things are going well; they come from failure, disappointment, loss, and mistakes. We only grow when we are learning, and some of our most powerful education comes from our own “failure”.

Failure is only a label, and that label can be changed to: learning, life lesson, “gift”, experience, test, or even knowledge. It is reasonable to conclude that we should fail often, and fail fast. This will allow us to determine what will work best in our life, business, family, and/or personal health, and within those, all important relationships that make everything in life possible.

I believe that our life is our “story” and our “story” is our life. We can modify the story at any time. Telling ourselves, through our internal storytelling, that we have “failed” creates a stopping point – a “game over”. Changing that storytelling to what we now know that we didn’t know before, opens up new possibilities for a more empowering outcome. The game is not over – you get to run some new plays. With the right mindset and the right “label”, the game is never over.

Read about any great success story in life and you will find a history of personal and business failures that created the stepping stones to ultimate successes in the great game of life..

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