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  • James McPartland

Preparation Is Half The Battle

“To be prepared is half the victory.” – Miguel de Cervantes

It may have been basketball coach Bobby Knight whom I heard it from, and it may have been part of a famous Vince Lombardi quote. It went something like this: “The will to win is important, yet the will to prepare is critical”.

Often in my work coaching CEOs and business leaders, I am frequently confronted by the storyline that “I don’t have enough time”. And yet, we each get access to all the time that is available. Great performance is a result of great preparation. Any business, team, or individual that is maximizing their potential is mastering their schedule. It is more than showing up – it is showing up prepared.

I had the honor of interviewing former NFL player, Eric Wood — who shared the value preparation played when he was faced with a sudden shift in his career. So much of life is about transition — and while we can't always "prepare" for sudden shifts in life, we can prepare for the unexpected by practicing our ability to pivot with ease. Take a listen here 👇


P.S. If you want to learn more about how you can prepare for your next uncertain season, whether it be in building your business, climbing the ladder in your career, or life in general — check out our FREE Level-Up Masterclass!

"Mac and I have worked together on my ideal self what I want to project into the world and the actions I’m taking throughout my days and weeks to align with that ideal. He helped me realize that I could switch from a mode of ‘surviving’ into a ‘creative’ mode."

Doug Wise, Former Regional Vice President, The Select Group

"Mac’s passion for people is evident and contagious. You can tell he ever-so-honestly shares because he cares, and it makes all the difference. I will be taking away a lot of really great self-reflection practices and accountability measures to ensure my tank is fueled so I can use my gifts to develop others."

Kristen Schwartz, Soles4Souls

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