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  • James McPartland

Building A High Performance Culture

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.”

– Charles Kettering, Inventor

I recently conducted a senior executive workshop on the topic of building a “High Performance Culture“. Aside from the CEO (who was not present), these folks are the decision makers and leaders for this growing company. Part of the workshop was focused on interference, and what could be preventing (or could prevent) the company from hitting their financial projections.

As it turns out, the largest obstacles were a need for recognition, appreciation, and a visible way for the organization to see that both effort and results were celebrated. I then asked, “Who is responsible to make this happen”? After a long pause, almost in a one-by-one fashion, each member of the group identified themselves as the responsible party.

What we learned that day is that outcomes are a result of effort, and that effort correlates to perception. If I perceive that what I do is not going to be appreciated, then I likely will have that experience. Further, I most likely won’t show appreciation for the efforts of others. So, if I want appreciation, I have to give it – first to myself and then to my colleagues.

A “High Performance Culture” is the result of high performance people. And, high performance people take personal responsibility for their actions and results. Last, high performance people set high expectations of themselves and lead by example. They know that “people hear what they see”..

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