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  • James McPartland

Step Into Your Future

“Fix your eyes forward on what you can do, not back on what you cannot change.”

– Tom Clancy, Author

Our brain is designed to protect us, often calling up the past to guide us as new situations develop. The challenge in this process is that we often view the future through the lens of the past. Many of us can “predict” how a meeting will go, how a person will respond to us, and why something will not work. We project the past into the present, and also into the future, virtually preventing new possibilities from developing.

The key is to step into the future that you truly want to create, and then look backwards. From this angle you ask yourself – “how did I get here?” And, since you are “already there” in this new imagined future, the past cannot inhibit you. Why not test drive it?

There is nothing to lose except predictability, and everything to gain from this new view of possibility…

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