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  • James McPartland

Access Points <Quote #29>

Access Point <Angels or Demons>

"When we struggle to let go of being right, the friends who arrive to liberate us show up as our enemies."

- James K. McPartland

We all live inside a "body of beliefs", a set of rules and opinions on how things are supposed to be. If we look back, we come to recognize the source of our beliefs and have the opportunity to ask which ones no longer serve us. And because we have an innate need to "be right" about many of our beliefs, we see and participate in conflicts to protect those very beliefs. Our need to be right necessitates that someone has to be wrong, often putting down a person (or group of people) in order to elevate ourselves (or our group of people).

There will be times in our life that we must take a stand for our unassailable beliefs, yet those times will be few. Consider how often you feel a need to be right and recognize that what you argue for you get to keep. And, all this comes at a cost. Are the beliefs you are consciously (and often unconsciously) fighting for worth the ultimate price you are paying for them? It is a good question -and only a question- as I am not wanting to be right- simply wanting to continue to welcome the Angels into my life who at one time showed up to me as Demons.

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