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  • James McPartland


"Your potential is irrelevant if you are not surrounded by people who challenge you, inspire you, and push you to realize it." — James McPartland

I am reminded frequently of the wise words I first heard years ago: "who you are around is who you become" and "you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with."

Often there is a tendency to compare ourselves to the people who seem to play the game of life at a higher level, and that can demotivate us at the time we need a spark of inspiration. The opportunity here is to examine how unique individuals think, act, and interpret their world. From that perspective, we can compare how we approach life and look to learn from others who have discovered a formula to achieve their dreams, goals, and aspirations. The pursuit of mastery leaves clues, introduces teachers, and solidifies a relationship with the only person who can unlock our true potential. That person is YOU.

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