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  • James McPartland

Best Version of Yourself

"A minimum requirement to becoming the best version of yourself is knowing precisely what it is you have to do - and then doing your absolute best as you endeavor to do it." — James McPartland

For me the definition of passion is a willingness to suffer for what you love most. A focus on results will not lead to results, it is the process and the pursuit that leads to the intended outcome. Two keys lay at the heart of our own transformation: belief and behavior. Becoming the best version of ourselves is all about adopting a new set of vital behaviors. That said, the root of all behavior is belief.

Ask yourself, "what would you have to believe to develop a specific behavior that would lead you to becoming the next edition of the best version of yourself?" Since this is actually a lifelong quest, and is an expression of mastery, you will never arrive. It is that proverbial mountain with no top. However, while you may never "get there", you can experience a never ending realization of growth, goal attainment, joy, and fulfillment. The views only get better as you climb.

I am not suggesting this is easy, there will be growing pains all along the way. If it was easy, certainly word would have gotten around.

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