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  • James McPartland

Questions and Answers


"Seeking truth requires the courage to ask difficult questions. One of the best I know is: What do you think it is that I don't want to hear?"

James McPartland

Each of us is surrounded by course correcting opportunities. If life is a series of presentations, and our days are our lives in miniature, then we have valuable scoring systems encircling us in the form of our daily human experiences. Day in and day out we seek to influence others, and others seek to influence us. We train others on how to engage us, much of the way others have trained us to treat them.

An unintended outcome of this conditioning is what we miss in ourselves, in others, and in the opportunities that simply pass us by. We know what we know and we know much of what we don't know. As you have heard me say before, what we don't know that we don't know is where the field of potential and growth exists. Go ahead and ask the question, the phrase is "growing pains" for a reason.

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