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  • James McPartland



"The loud voice in our head often drowns out the whispers from our heart. Take the time to listen to your heart."

James McPartland

As the unscheduled conversations we have with ourselves continue throughout the day, we ask and answer questions that set the course for our lives. If our day is our life in miniature, then each day we lay new tar on the road we are traveling. A well paved road is far more appealing than blazing a new trail. Who has time to build roads? We have to get "there" now! Automaticity has us doing many of the same things, day in and day out.

When our heart speaks to us, it is our intuition quietly fighting to be heard. Fear muzzles the sound and far too often we allow it to talk us out of our own greatness. Your heart is working for you all day long. Listen closely as it not only wants to keep you alive, it is softly sharing the secret of what it takes to construct a life well lived.

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