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  • James McPartland

Waiting For The World To Change?


"Taking responsibility for the magic of our own life experiences frees us from waiting for the world to change so we can enjoy ourselves."

James McPartland

We get what we look for, and listen for, from the great game of life. At any point in time, we can create magical moments or miserable moments based on our own expectations. We often believe we know the outcome of a meeting, discussion, or an event before it even has taken place. And as such, we are seldom disappointed. We usually get precisely what we believe will occur from those specific gatherings, interactions, and conversations. When we recognize this energy, we come to realize that we can use this power as a force for good in our lives. We can create magic, have new experiences with the same people, and develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with the folks that we were all too certain that we already knew. When we need someone to do something, say something, approve of something, or give us permission to enjoy life, then we have given away our power. Is there anything more frustrating than being powerless and at the effect of someone else’s decisions?

When we accept responsibility for the results of our life, the quality of our experiences and for taking back our power, we see that we have (and always have had) the ability to create magic no matter what anyone else says, does, or approves of. We can enjoy the great game of life and, in turn, teach this “magic” trick to all those that we care most about. This, in and of itself, is changing the world by changing ourselves.

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