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  • James McPartland

Go Ahead


"If you truly want to master happiness - go ahead."

James McPartland

Happiness is not an amorphous state outside of our control, it's a trainable skill. Most of us look to the future when seeking happiness when it is right here in our own backyard. These three steps - call them "Happiness Systems" - can lead you to that seemingly elusive happy place in an attainable and sustainable way. Try the following daily for the next 30 days: * Exercise the muscle of GRATITUDE - 10 repetitions in the mornings and evenings > 5 things you are grateful for in your personal life > 5 things you are grateful for in your work * Free yourself through FORGIVENESS - a weekly to monthly to quarterly activity > choose the people you recognize need to be forgiven (including yourself) > recall the moment, or the event > feel the pain > choose to feel compassion > ask what it was that you were supposed to learn from the experience > give thanks for lesson * GIVE - do something for someone who can't repay you > create a list of people and your ideas > be open to ways of giving yet be specific as to what it will be and for whom > don't talk yourself out of it - just act > look for the next opportunity Finally, create a compelling vision for your life. Be clear on where you are starting from as you step towards that created future. Recognize and leverage your unique gifts and talents, enroll others in this journey and ask for their support. Set yourself up to win. Life is about progress. When we know we are making progress, are grateful for what we have, forgive when need be, and do things to help others, we are on a purposeful path. Creating something bigger than ourselves, and stretching in the pursuit of it, opens up new realms of possibility. Do not focus on how far you have to go. Look back, from time to time, and recognize how far you have come. This will make you happy each and everyday...

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