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  • James McPartland

Discounting The Future


"When we sacrifice a future goal for immediate satisfaction we are putting our future up for sale."

James McPartland

We all have a discount rate, it is the deal we make with ourselves when we give in to the urge of immediate satisfaction over the steps required to live the life we have imagined living. Our future self, the idealized version of who we believe we can be, is always someone we can start working on tomorrow. We all have self control, until we need it.

Take a moment and have a meeting with the two of you, your current self and future self. If you step into the shoes of your future self some three to five years from now, consider what he or she would say to your current self. If you think about the advice you would receive, you would likely be strongly encouraged to delay most forms of immediate gratification. Further, you would probably hear that the life you have dreamed of is actually available to you if you do the work today.

If the best time to plant a tree was five to ten years ago, then the second best time is today.

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