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  • James McPartland



"Trying is wanting recognition for something you are not fully committed to."

James McPartland

If you are truly interested in understanding what you are committed to - look at your results. Whether it be weight on the scale, money in the bank, the quality of a relationship, or the obstacles that consistently appear, we get what we focus on and little else. While we may speak a good game, it is our consistent and deliberate actions that add up and generate the outcomes that appear in our life.

If you find that your words do not match your actions, it is important to think about what you consistently think about. It may not be that you don't want what you say you want, it may be that you don't believe that you can achieve it. A behavior can not be changed until the underlying belief is changed.

Consider asking yourself "what would I have to believe" in order to reach this new goal? What would you have to think about on a daily basis? Finally, what would you have to do on a daily basis to bring this dream to life? If recognition is important, consider recognizing yourself, for that is the most important person to make an impression upon.

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