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  • James McPartland


"Finding the courage to have all of our answers questioned is a far greater quest than the other way around." — James McPartland

In life, we must unlearn before we can learn what we truly need to know. If the truth can set us free, it is liberating to grasp that it is better to fail at our own life than to succeed living someone else's. If ever you are asked what you do, it is really okay to say "I am myself for a living".

Being a leader is a practice, not a position. The ultimate demonstration of our leadership is in how we lead ourselves and, as such, learning how to think is our most vital skill. We each pay a price, measured in time, for the choices that we make. The ultimate cost of our decisions is the percentage of life we exchange for what we take on now, and how that influences what inevitably becomes our default future.

When you find the courage to consistently question your answers, it is highly likely that it will lead you to the lofty position of being yourself for a living. It doesn't get any more heroic than that.

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