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  • James McPartland

What Is Required?

"We are not required to deal with more than we are able - yet we are not required to deal with less."

— James McPartland

We all have needs such as food, shelter, and money. We have wants that can include things like travel, a big home, fine dining, artwork, jewelry, and surplus cash. We also have requirements, and these are often the things that we may not necessarily desire or wish for. Requirements may come in the form of a financial hardship, a career setback, illness, loss of a loved one, or other significant disappointment. We must fulfill our needs to survive, and already know how to live without our wants. And yet, what may make the most powerful impact on us is dealing with what is required of us.

We stand to learn the most valuable lessons from the difficult times, and in turn experience some of our greatest personal growth. And while we may each accept that it is the mistakes that can teach us the most about ourselves and about life, we work hard to live an error-free life. Welcome the requirements as these are where our maturity, development, and untapped potential reside.

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