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  • James McPartland

Create Space for the Moments In-Between

"Develop the ability to utilize the transitions of your day. That’s where the rewards lie."

— James McPartland

Access Point: Courageous Conversations | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

You know the days. The ones that don’t stop until your head hits the pillow. Those seasons when days run together with hundreds of things to get done, and there’s no time in between.

We wake up, make coffee, eat breakfast, get ready, get in the car, drive to work…

Arrive at work, say hello to coworkers, answer emails, take phone calls, join a meeting, more emails…

Next thing you know, it’s 5:45 pm!

Time to wrap it up, drive home, feed the kids dinner, get ‘em ready for bed, and finish that work project before we squeeze a few hours of sleep in ourselves….

It doesn’t end.

Consider this: There is no reward for being busy.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Going from one task to the next, constantly streaming the activities of our day into one another actually has a negative impact on our productivity.

What if I told you there was a way to get rewarded throughout a “busy” day that will empower you to be more productive?

Here’s the key:

Develop the ability to utilize the transitions of your day. That’s where the rewards lie.

So what is a transition?

Transitions are the moments of space you intentionally create between each task or activity.

In these spaces of the day, it’s important to take a moment to pause and release whatever you need to release that you’ve just absorbed, before heading into the next task. We need to give our brain time to transition between tasks so we can be optimally productive and more important, fully present.

All it takes is 30 seconds between each task to breathe and ask ourselves, “What is the intention with this next task?”

  • “I’m getting ready to make a phone call.”

  • “I’m getting ready to go into this meeting.”

  • “I’m walking into my home to see my family.”

The art of utilizing these transitions allows us to be more intentional with our time.

Create space for the transition. Empower yourself to bring the best version of YOU to every engagement you encounter.


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