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  • James McPartland

Feeling Burnt Out? Use Your Superpower

"The struggle will either develop or destroy us. The choice is ours."

- James McPartland

You know you are going through burnout when you feel unfulfilled, stressed, and simply unmotivated. Most people will experience burnout at some point in their lives in any area of their life.

When we’ve created a compelling future and have a vision of that future self we want to live into, we start building habits. Those habits we practice day in and day out. Eventually, we start to hit obstacles and are reminded of past failures, and we give external forces control. This is when we experience stress and the awful burnout on our way to our goals.

So how do we push past the struggle to continue performing at a higher level and succeed in all areas of life? By using our superpower.

The power of choice.

This superpower is one that's often neglected and misunderstood. When we lack the awareness of choice, we start letting our environment control our thinking and we begin to react. We need to start letting our thinking control our environment.

So next time you're confronted with burnout ask yourself, “how would my future self handle this? What choice would they make regarding this situation?

High-performance people do what needs to be done, especially when they don't feel like it. So no matter how difficult things get, the next step is always a choice.


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