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  • James McPartland

How's Your Communication Game?

“If you don’t have a conversation, you don’t even have a chance.” — James McPartland

How's Your Communication Game? | James McPartland's Blog

We have to be consistent in our communication.

I’ve learned that if you don't have a conversation, you don't have a chance. Of all the activities in life, perhaps the only place we have any real dominion is through the words we use, as everything arises out of language.

Words build families, and words build businesses. Words destroy families, and words destroy businesses.

Words create possibilities.

So, how do you speak to yourself? How do you inspire other people? How do you look for the good inside of individuals? What power and strength can you find in the responsible use of language that you use to engage people? Or even to engage yourself?

And to build that future! Your future self, future team, future company…

Because if all things arise through language, we want to make sure that our language is translated and transferred. And that the meaning of our communication lands by the response we get, and that people acknowledge that our intended message has come through.

The meaning of communication is the response you get.

When we have a meeting with others (whether in a small group, or one-to-one), it is an illusion to think we have communicated our message clearly, and concisely and that everybody involved walked away with the same message. The likelihood of that happening is pretty small.

We all have our lenses, filters, and interpretations. What we need to be thinking about are the words we use when we communicate, and to take the time and stop to ask people, “What did you get?”

So have the conversation, then seek to understand how your communication landed. Your future is built one conversation at a time.


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