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  • James McPartland

The Question That Changes Everything

"The person you intend to become will require your trust."

- James McPartland

Do you trust yourself?

Now most people would likely answer “yes” to that question without really thinking about it. Let’s dive a little deeper and look at some more questions:

Do you make it a point to not miss a workout?

Do you strive to finish your to-do list?

Do you make plans for quality “me” time and prioritize it?

Do you try to stop bringing work home?

Do you break promises to yourself?

Do you trust yourself?

If deep down we don’t believe we can trust ourselves then we won’t be able to become the future self we are striving to become.

So how do we begin to identify ourselves as trustworthy? By taking small action steps each day to stack up the wins and prove to ourselves that we can be trusted.

So, when you think about who you intend to become, what does that person identify with? What do you need to begin today to live into that identity? When we have identified what those habits will be then we can make small changes every day to live into that person.

After we have stacked those new habits, then we will be able to trust ourselves. Making trust a key component in our identity.


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