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  • James McPartland

What Time Do You Have?

"It is not that we lack time, it’s that we lack clear priorities and a compelling future. In reality, we have all the time we need as each day we are granted all the time there is." — James McPartland

Work is infinite - time is finite.

So many of us are busy being busy and are getting no closer to a destination that we can’t see. There always seems to be tomorrow, next week, after graduation, as soon as we get through the holidays, when we finish the quarter, and so on.

Many of us regret elements of our past, have anxiety about the future and consequently miss the present. And yet, the present moment is all we have.

You can not take me to your past, nor walk me into your future. Right now is what we have and - it’s always now. So if you answer the question “what time do you have?”, I’ll suggest the answer be All I have is now”.


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