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  • James McPartland

Do We Take the Time to Create?

"Our thoughts, words, and actions — when reinforced with the emotional intensity of our feelings — create our life experiences." — James McPartland

What an amazing gift we have been given and one for which we are thankful for. Every one of us has the ability to come up with something truly amazing, whether it's a novel, song, or even a computer program.

The real question is: Do we take the time to create?

Scientific research has demonstrated that our brain changes, in an almost identical fashion, from either the physical or mental rehearsal of an activity.

Many of us have heard that running a marathon will increase your intelligence or make you smarter — this is true, but it's not just exercise (although there are scientifically proven ways to become "smarter"). In fact, all kinds of things can alter your brain!

The thoughts we hold and the beliefs about ourselves and our world, which we later act upon, determine everything that happens to us. Our thoughts are powerful pieces of information. They are the original building blocks of our lives.

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