• James McPartland

Access Point: Life Raft

“We can drown in the midst of fear, doubt, and confusion around us, or grab hold of the life raft by listening to and trusting the voice within. The choice is ours."

- James McPartland

In challenging times, we are not required to deal with more than we are able, yet we are not required to deal with less. By taking responsibility for the quality of the experience we are having in the midst of the fear, doubt, and confusion that may be swirling around us, we liberate ourselves from waiting for the world to change in order to appreciate the journey we are on.

When we adopt the view that we can learn from whatever is happening and come out stronger on the other side if we so choose, we access that ever-elusive gift of present moment living. This perspective is ours for the taking… if we want it. We can drown in the midst of the chaos around us, or grab hold of the life raft that is our own inner voice and trust.

Which will you choose?


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James McPartland | Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Coach